If you are familiar with the Job of a traditional editor, you already know half of what a copy editing editor does. You are required as a proof reader and grammar checker, in addition to somebody who acts as the primary reader to be certain that the report reads well to the audience. Editors, copy editing or otherwise, are also required to indicate a better name and/or subheads, paragraph organization that flows better or maybe finding more proper choices of word. As A freelancer, however, you are not normally required to assign tasks or choose the subject or story you need your authors to work on. Instead, you find authors who have written articles or theses, whose work still needs some polishing.

copy editing functions

So Apart from having an excellent command of English and the ability to refine paragraphs to readable content, a freelance copyedit should understand the marketplace he or she’s competing in, thus the ability to locate clients. Finding Clients is one of the struggles an editor faces. If you produce excellent work consistently and community appropriately, customers may come your way on their own but don’t count on this happening too soon, or better, at all. A freelancer has to be proactively seeking customers as long, regular customers may one day choose to move on to other things, working on very different fields.

As A copy editing editor, you can choose whether to work offline or online, as both of these fields offer quite different kinds of clients. Online, the customers are usually website owners looking for a fast check on their site content. Online agencies occasionally link students or other amateur writers with copy editing editors for a short term job, such as editing term papers or feature articles done by specialist with very little training in writing. Offline, you will need to approach publishing houses, newspapers or magazines for an opportunity to do editing work. Seeing as many copy editing editors also have their eyes on such institutions, it does not hurt to try different areas to build your portfolio in the meantime. Marketing departments of personal, startup companies typically outsource editing tasks into a copy editing editor, as do advertising agencies and public relation firms.