There are around three million kids now who take methylphenidate – Ritalin’s name – to deal with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. Due to number of the drug similarity to stimulants such as cocaine and children on Ritalin, it is not surprising that parents are concerned about the connection between substance abuse and Ritalin. The response to these questions depends upon the two ways. This is when take Ritalin as though it had been an illicit drug. When ADHD medications are administered this way, there is a good deal of potential for drug abuse. Regardless of the fact that the united states’ federal drug association categorized Ritalin as a class ii controlled substance, which restricts the sale of the drug to people with prescription rights people without ADHD find ways to get their hands. Use of Ritalin is remarkably popular across age classes.

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A study done in 2000 by researchers demonstrates that using methylphenidate is common among college students; in actuality, they found that intake was equal to using cocaine and amphetamines! It is probable that students were attracted to the medication for the effects it brings longer periods of concentration, improved attention spans, and waking hours. Researchers found that high school students and middle school use of Ritalin to stay alert or as an appetite suppressant! The type of when an individual diagnosed with ADHD takes a dose of Ritalin based on the prescription of a doctor government is. Methylphenidate is generally given in doses of 5, 10, and 20 mg, and is taken orally. Because of information reports about the use of methylphenidate, parents are concerned about whether kids who take prescribed ADHD medication is going to wind up abusing the medication.

As yet, there are no answers to this issue. In 2003, researchers did a study that revealed that children with ADHD who took doses of methylphenidate were less likely to abuse substances as adults compared to. Five decades later, the researchers did a follow-up study. Their decisions were different: taking ADHD medication did not reduce nor increase the risk. The disturbing part about the study is that it was afterwards discovered that two of the four researchers had received 1.6 million dollars from the manufacturers of Ritalin. Due to other it is difficult to provide a response to the question of whether or adhd medication natural will place an individual. If the drug is not addictive if used in the long run, methylphenidate is known to cause side effects that were complicated. If a child needs to take Ritalin as an emergency solution, it has to be taken under supervision and parental, and cannot be preferred more natural and comprehensive approaches to beating ADHD.