At any time of the day, newspapers, TV channels, radio channels, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. all deliver information about a number of incidents which are taking place in different countries at different times. Some of this information is true while some of them are false.

media monitoring platform

When you have the ability to use a media monitoring platform which offers you the chance to separate the true news from the false you can earn a number of advantages. These advantages can be a good name for providing true information, a great many new opportunities to launch new and successful products or just the ability to know what is really going on in your country or in the world in general.

For a Journalist

For a journalist such a place or company which provides such a place offers a couple of very important benefits. First of all, the journalist gets the chance to connect with true and trustworthy sources as the service provider only provides credible information about whatever is happening. Secondly, since most of such service providers have a database of thousands of archived files with regard to a number of news items from the past up to the present a journalist who wants to do a deep piece about a very important topic gets the chance to look back at valuable past information. Thirdly, such a service provider offers the journalist the chance to be up to date with whatever is going on in the world at the moment.

For a Commercial Firm

For a commercial firm such a good service provider or one of suchbusiness intelligence companiescan actually offer information which will let them understand new market opportunities, the success or failure of their recent marketing campaigns, ways to use social media to increase their sales, etc. Such service providers can actually help a firm to grow using the information they have to offer.

For a Normal User

For a normal user the main service such a service provider can offer is giving an exposure to the real news by selecting them from among the hundreds of false news generated at every moment. For a normal user who wants to just stay informed and know where his or her country is headed or the world is headed in general this is a useful service too.

A place specially dedicated to thoroughly examining all the work of every media and presenting only the true and relevant information to the user can actually help the user to achieve commercial, professional and personal goals.